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About Us

We are a company offering software products and services on data based analytics for process manufacturing industries. We strongly believe that manufacturing plants can achieve high safety, maximum profitability, intuitive process awareness, consistent and superior quality and overall improved productivity by utilising the process data for in-depth analytics. We aim to partner with process manufacturing industry to exploit their data as the key to unlock greater productivity and profitability.

Our products and services offer the scope for continuous monitoring and diagnostics, process improvement and optimisation delivering improvements in safety, asset availability, productivity and efficiency. We strive to distil and deliver the benefits of state-of-the-art research to industrial practice directly benefiting the stakeholders.

Contact us to discover the possibilities of exploiting your plant time series data and benefit from the Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

Our Products

We bring the latest technology to your shop floor

Extract data from industrial databases, process data, exhaustively search, prepare data for model building, aggregate data and perform much more analytic operations.

Discover causalities and correlations, investigate root causes of abnormal events, frequency analysis and root cause diagnosis of plant-wide oscillations, build and deploy predictive models and much more.

Monitor and troubleshoot control loop performance, detect control loop non-linearity, diagnose plant wide oscillations using spectral and causal methods, control valve diagnostics and much more. 

The perfect solution for your process data analytics needs.

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  • Refinery is an application area of industrial data analytics
    Oil & Gas

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