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We develop and offer software products and services based on time series data analytics for process manufacturing industries.

Process manufacturing industries generate huge amounts of time series data through different sources. Our mission is to partner with these industries to leverage this data for enabling proactive monitoring, predictive analysis, diagnostic reasoning, process improvement and optimisation delivering improvements in safety, asset availability, productivity and efficiency. Our software solutions offer the capabilities to acquire, analyse and visualise plant data to solve a range of problems facing process industries through effective operational decision support systems.

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Customer Comes First! We believe the latest research and developments in process monitoring and machine learning must directly benefit the industrial clients and we strive to make this happen

We have solutions to aid decision making for tackling  the following problems faced by process industry.

  • How do I actively keep track of the plant operation and receive alerts when in the case of abnormal events or faults?
  • How can I use data to formulate effective strategies to manage alarm floods?
  • How can I leverage plant data to avoid costly breakdowns?
  • How can I optimise maintenance schedules minimising both costs and risk?
  • How can I effectively exploit plant data to quickly diagnose the root cause of various issues?
  • How can I be alerted of equipment failures or degradation (for example heat-exchanger fouling, valve sticking etc.) in real time?
  • How can I capture process knowledge in the form of causalities and correlations?
  • How do I monitor the health of the control loops and diagnose the source of plant-wide oscillations?

Our mission is to help process plants unleash the power of data. We strive to enable plant technicians and management to realise the benefits of data analytics through our products and services that are specifically tailored for achieving operational excellence. Our software solutions offer the capabilities to acquire, visualise and analyse plant data to solve a range of problems facing process industries.

Our product IndAn Explorer is our software offering to perform exhaustive data exploration enabling users to extract data from industrial databases, process data including filtering, exhaustively search, prepare data for model building, aggregate data and perform much more analytic operations.

The product IndAn Diagnoser & Predictor offers several functions to aid troubleshooting and diagnosis operations and also to build predictive models with based on multivariate statistics and machine learning algorithms. Some of the capabilities of the tool are: establishing causalities and correlations to enable causal reasoning, investigating root causes of abnormal events, frequency analysis and root cause diagnosis of plant-wide oscillations, building and deploying predictive models and much more.

The product IndAn Controller Performance Monitor is tailored specifically to monitor and diagnose large number of control loops and their elements. It’s capabilities include; monitoring and troubleshooting control loop performance, detecting and alerting of control loop non-linearity, diagnosing plant wide oscillations using spectral and causal methods, control valve diagnostics and much more.

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Periasamy Vijay

During his long stint in academic research, he understood that only a fraction of the excellent research outputs ever reach the commercialisation phase. He believes that there is ample scope for extracting more value out of the large amounts of data that is logged in today’s factories, which currently finds only minimal use. Therefore, he finds a strong case for introducing innovations in process manufacturing industrial monitoring and diagnostics exploiting latest research and developments in data science.

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