Product training session
Consultants on industrial data analytics at work

Our training programs are suitable for clients who opt to install our products in plant premises and allocate manpower for monitoring and diagnostic tasks. The training program will introduce the various  possibilities of data based industrial analytics and provide hands on training on our products to achieve favourable outcomes for plant safety, productivity, reliability and efficiency. The programs will be suitable for plant operators, technicians and technical managers.

We offer two types of consulting services depending on the clients preferences. Our remote monitoring services offer continuous monitoring and diagnostic services to plants from our location. This option allows clients not needing to purchase our product licences or access them through cloud. This option also frees the clients from employing dedicated personal for monitoring and diagnostic tasks, while providing them all its benefits.

The second option is for customers who only need our services periodically. Regular audits of the plant will be conducted by our personnel providing reports and inputs to the clients. Our personnel can either visit the plant or work remotely based on clients needs.

Our consulting services will benefit the customer in a number of ways through various offerings some of which are listed below.

  • Model building for specific units and the whole plant tailored to client needs utilising expert knowledge and leveraging collected data and their continuous fine tuning. These behavioural models will capture the causally interconnected behaviour of the plant. Model building uses a range of methods ranging from rules, causal models, multivariate statistics based models and machine learning based models to suit the particular needs. The models will be used to predict the plant behaviour and detect deviations from expected behaviour helping to alerting impending failures. The various rich features of our products will be used to analyse the root causes of the incipient failures which when communicated to clients can help their speedy resolution. We strive to provide actionable information on unit and equipment status, alerts on impending failures and process deviations, disturbances and their causes etc. to enable trouble-free operation and help schedule timely maintenance tasks.
  • Probing, searching and analysing the data to trouble shoot the root causes of client issues like process deviations or other abnormal events and presenting the finding and suggesting solutions to resolve the issues.
  • Continuous monitoring for deviations using the many methods available in our tools tailored to customers specific needs and sending alerts and warnings of impending issues and suggestions for maintenance request for specific units.
  • Exploring plant historical data using the capabilities of our products like searching, aggregation, frequency analysis, cause and consequence analysis etc. for investigating the cause of alarm floods and recommending alarm management strategies to deal with future flooding events.
  • Leverage data to identify and report scope for improving plant energy efficiency and productivity.
  • Continuous monitoring and issuing alerts on control loop performance and valve health status. Pinpoint root causes of any oscillation issues. Detect investigate and report causes of plant-wide oscillations.
  • Design and deliver customised online monitoring and diagnostic dashboard for your specific requirements.

Our products and services bring the advantages of data analysis to plant technicians/engineers without needing dedicated data scientists.