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Monitor and troubleshoot your control loops

Monitor and troubleshoot control loop performance, detect control loop non-linearity, diagnose plant wide oscillations using spectral and causal methods, control valve diagnostics and much more.

Valve sticking diagnostics
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  • Specifically targets monitoring and trouble shooting of control loops that are prone to inefficiencies
  • Provides several statistical measures to monitor control loop performance
  • Aids in the diagnosis of plant wide oscillations
  • Detect non-linearity in control loops using higher order statistics
  • Offers methods to isolate the cause of loop non-linearity
  • Offers control valve diagnostics
  • Spectral methods to detect dominant frequencies
  • Statistical tests to pinpoint dominant oscillation contributing loops
  • Build customised dashboards for monitoring and diagnostics of control loops
  • Proactively monitor control loop performances and valves
  • Root cause analysis of control loop issues
  • Improve plant productivity by identifying and tuning inefficient control loops

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