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Monitor plant, Detect and Diagnose Abnormal Events and Predict Behaviour

Discover causalities and correlations, continuously monitor plant, detect abnormal events, investigate root causes of abnormal events, frequency analysis and root cause diagnosis of plant-wide oscillations, build and deploy predictive models and much more.

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  • Offers advanced tools to establish the correlations and causal interconnections in the plant, which is very valuable in investigating root cause of issues and predicting fault propagation paths into the future for proactive action.
  • Enables construction of causal graphs for capturing and utilising qualitative plant knowledge.
  • Offers tools using rule based method, uni variate (EWMA, CUSUM, Shewhart), causal graphs and multivariate statistics (PCA,PLS) for detecting and diagnosing equipment faults or other abnormal events.
  • Offers machine learning classification and regression based tools for monitoring detection and diagnosis of critical units
  • Offers predicting capabilities using various statistical models for enabling prognosis and predictive maintenance
  • Offers tools for frequency analysis, detection and root cause diagnosis of plant wide oscillations
  • Allows customised design of online monitoring and diagnostic dashboard by choosing and picking methods to suit specific plant and end user requirements
  • Capture the knowledge of causal relations and correlations throughout the plant minimising the reliance on experts
  • Query causes and effects of failure scenarios to aid in troubleshooting, HAZOP etc.
  • Detect and diagnose the root causes of faults aiding maintenance and rectification
  • Identify factors leading to plant wide oscillations and eliminate them to improve production inconsistency
  • Get alerts and notifications in real time to keep track of the plant
  • Take advantage of online alerts and suggestions for scheduling preventive maintenance operations thus avoiding major failures
  • Predict the evolution of important plant KPIs enabling proactive approach to mitigate undesirable events

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