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Extract data from industrial databases, process data, exhaustively search, prepare data for model building, aggregate data and perform much more analytic operations.

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  • Data pre-processing
  • Search trends based on user defined conditions,
  • Search for causes and consequences of disturbances, times, similarities and user defined or statistical threshold violations
  • Define time blocks in data as phases based on various searches
  • Define derived variables based on user defined formulae, statistics or from phases
  • Perform logical operations and customisation of phases for further drilling down searches
  • Aggregate data based on time, user defined values or conditions for visualising the frequency distribution in the data
  • Perform filtering operations on the data and perform spectral analysis like FFT, PSD, spectrogram etc.
  • Formulate models based on data and visualise predictions for prognostic purposes
  • Utilise several inbuilt search capabilities to extract pertinent data for various predictive model building purposes
  • Allows customised design of online monitoring and diagnostic dashboard by choosing and picking methods to suit specific plant requirements.
  • Identify abnormal conditions and their root causes helping you to design strategies for eliminating them
  • Get alerts and notifications online to keep track of the plant
  • Identify redundant alarms and root causes leading to alarm floods
  • Formulate alarm management strategies using data derived insights and knowledge
  • Investigate root causes of abnormal events using several inbuilt features to help rectification
  • Explore opportunities for improving energy and other efficiencies
  • Take advantage of online alerts and suggestions for scheduling preventive maintenance operations thus avoiding major failures
  • Process, extract and prepare data for various predictive model building needs
  • Identify scope for improving energy efficiency and productivity
  • Understand patters in your data
  • Avoiding unplanned shutdowns due to major failure

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